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Client Review Mailer Program

Do you like the feeling when you find a $20 dollar bill in your  pocket? What if you found $500, $1,000, or even $5,000? Believe it or not it’s there and ALB wants to help you find it.

What do all agents look for, Prospects! Would you agree the best prospects are individuals that have shown they understand the need for insurance based on past purchases? Would you also agree it is easier to make a sell to someone you have a relationship with than it is with a complete stranger? You got it; it is your client list.

ALB will mail your client list for you, For FREE. All we need is 50K of annuity premium or 5K of life premium with one of our carriers in the last 90 days. We will sign a confidentiality agreement that 100% protects your clients. We will help guide you through the follow up process once the letter is returned completed by client.

We have had tremendous success with this program and have experienced

Here’s an outline of the program:


Offered free to you the advisor; with at least $50K annuity premium and/or $5K target life premium in the last 90 days… no exceptions please.


ALB will sign Confidentiality Agreement prior to receiving a list of the advisor’s clients.


Advisor will supply ALB a list of clients in a spreadsheet format.


ALB will mail each of the advisor’s clients a letter – the letter will come from the advisor and will include the survey and return envelope.


The returned survey will be emailed to the advisor.


Advisor will be coached on how to follow-up and talk about life insurance and annuities.

Let us help you find that money that is already in your pocket.

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I have been with ALB for over 7 years. When I began my association with Matt Pashby and his small office staff, I immediately received professional support that goes beyond the normal agency/broker relationship. Because of this, I laser focused and for 4 of the past 7 years I was ALB’s number one top producing broker. Today, I no longer enjoy that number one honor but the continued and increased support from a much larger staff continues. It is an honor to associated with this outstanding agency. I look forward to many more years with ALB.